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Introduction by Robin Miller, journalist for SPEED Channel

Eamon Paul "Chalkie" Fullalove became a master of turning aluminum into works of art or extra miles per hour in a race car by spending four decades honing his craft in the United States.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1946, Fullalove fell for motor sports and migrated to England in 1965 where he landed a job as a mechanic with Colin Chapman's legendary Team Lotus.

Long haired and wide eyed, he made his initial venture to America in 1967 at the Indianapolis 500 with Formula One greats Jim Clark and Graham Hill. Little did anybody realize this skinny kid in the Lotus overalls would wind up being an integral part of the rear-engined revolution that changed the face of American open wheel racing.

Eamon began banging and shaping aluminum and metal when the need arose for wings on race cars. Self taught and a quick learner, he hammered out rear wing designs that helped Mario Andretti, Peter Revson, A.J. Foyt and other Indy 500 stars win races and break records.

He was dubbed "The Wing Commander" by the mid-70s as teams from all over (drag racers and road racers as well) came to him for the latest and greatest aerodynamic trick.

Designing and hammering out oil tanks, wings and full race cars all through the '70s and '80s, Chalkie changed gears in the '90s and began restoring vintage F1 cars. He also created things outside his motor sports world.

His first aluminum purse was sold to Tony George for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway president's wife's Christmas present and he branched out and picture frames, light fittings, mailboxes and one-off pieces of artwork.

Every day, except a few hours when he's watching his beloved F1 on television, Chalkie can be found listening to rock and roll and cranking out another aluminum gem.


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