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Historic Race Cars

HISTORIC GRAND PRIX is comprised of more than 50 Owner-Drivers of authentic Vintage Formula One racing cars from the FIA 3-litre Formula that ran from 1966-1983. James King, Phil Reilly and Rebecca Hale are the movers and shakers behind this must see site.

Model T Ford, as featured in Historic Race Car Fabrication & Restoration on this site

Read about how the BBC TV series, Salvage Squad, hosted by Suggs, brought this project to fuition. Also about the other star of the show, Eamon Fullalove, who, with Rod Jolley restored its bodywork. Eamon was filmed for the show talking and demonstrating the riveting techniques at Rod's workshop.

He also featured in the final film which showed the restored car being driven on Brooklands historic race track.

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Suggs with Mrs Howard, daughter of the original owner and driver, AE George.

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The brass car on trial at Brooklands historic race track.

Vintage car body fabrication

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The Other Eamon Fullalove

Just in case you are confused, yes, there are 2 people in the family called Eamon Fullalove.

The other Eamon Fullalove is a renowned chef - Jamie Olivers Executive Chef in another life.

He and his lovely wife, Christianne, own a gastro pub in Bristol.

Here's an introduction and a link to their website:

The Star & Dove offers a winning combination of excellent ales, lagers and wines, along with some truly fantastic food. Hearty pub classics in the 'Star' bars downstairs and chef Eamon Fullalove's Italian-influenced cooking in the 'Dove' restaurant upstairs.


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